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TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Revised: 11 julY 2011)

Lend Lease Webmail and its content is owned by Lend Lease and its related entities. This site is restricted for use by authorised Lend Lease employees and their nominated associates.
Use of this system is subject to the Lend Lease Email Policy and the Terms and Conditions outlined below.


It is a criminal offence to obtain access to restricted data without authority or to damage, delete, alter or create data without authority.


The Lend Lease server continuously records all email activity including Webmail. To ensure compliance with Lend Lease policies, Lend Lease ICT conducts random monitoring of all email activity on the Lend Lease server. Any irregular or unauthorised email activity or internet access may be investigated by Lend Lease without further notice to the employee or nominated business associate.

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QuickLOOK: Click here (Adobe Reader required) to download a summary of the Lend Lease Email Policy (For a full copy of the policy please refer to the company intranet)

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